An Introduction to Harry Sanderson


On June 18th, Blitz Resident Harry Sanderson gave a public talk to our audience as an introduction to his residency in Valletta.

For the last two years, using caustics (rays of light reflected) to fix a digital image onto a wall through the use of algorithms and CNC milling machines, the works create an encounter with an image that seems to consist of nothing more than a light source and a transparent screen, whilst the source of the image remains invisible. The intention is to awaken a desire to understand how a system of representation functions, and beyond its practical functionality to question the material cost and labour behind it.

The artworks are both sculptures and images, they inhabit the space between digital representation and physical form, as described by Sanderson, “a painful intermediary zone between a purely ideal imaginative space and the physical world digital representation models and simulates.”

IMG_7223   IMG_7225