Anna Ridler, London, 2018

Anna Ridler, UK (26 February-23 March)

Anna is a London-based artist and researcher whose practice brings together technology, literature and drawing to create both art and critical writing. Anna is interested in working with abstract collections of information or data to create new and unusual narratives in a variety of mediums, and seeing how new technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning, can be used to translate them clearly to an audience. Her intention is to make work that is not about technology for its own sake, but rather uses these technologies as a tool to talk about other things – memory, love, decay –  or to augment or change the story in a way in that would otherwise not happen.

About the Malta project
In Malta, Anna set out to create an ‘imagined archive’, using the National Archives of Malta as a starting point, and imagining the data or stories that have not been collected. The culmination of her residency was an exhibition titled Traces of Things. Neuroscientists discovered years ago that the process of recalling a memory activates the same processes as the act of creating a memory. Every time we remember something we are also actively recreating it. Traces of Things explored what happens when history is remembered and re-remembered by passing through moments of history through an artificial intelligence model trained on material from public and private Maltese archives.

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Valletta City Gate, double faked