Borbála Soós, London, 2018

Borbála is a curator, born in Budapest, Hungary, and now based in London. Borbála’s recent research focuses on the development of structures found in plants and fungi, as well as certain sea creatures, and explores these as metaphors for social organisation. She asks: How does the sea think? Do plants communicate? What are animals dreaming about? We are inseparable from our companion species, and dependent on them for our survival. It is an illusion that we can detach ourselves, and keep only within the borders of our bodies, or retreat within the walls of our cities. As social beings as well as economic and ecological factors, we are inseparable from the world around us, and as such, our fate is bound to other living creatures.

About the Malta project

Borbála’s residency will be an extension of this research, and the accumulation of knowledge will be collaborative, including field trips inviting local artists, curators, writers, and thinkers to participate and talk about their relationship with the island and the sea and its non-human inhabitants. These experiences will unfold in a series of events.