Harry Sanderson’s final event

On Friday 1st July, Blitz resident artist Harry Sanderson presented his latest work Trash Horizon (plateau of productivity) as the culmination of his four week residency in Valletta.

Trash Horizon proposes a way to visualise the pullulation of 3d printable objects online in a way that draws comparisons with other sites, terrestrial and extraterrestrial sites of waste aggregation (what Rem Koolhaas called Junkspace) such as the Pacific vortex, or the half a million pieces of human debris in orbit.

Since the distribution online of The Liberator, the first 3d printable handgun, 3d printing has seen an explosion of interest with sites such as The Pirate Bay and Thingiverse hosting ever expanding libraries of polygonal meshes awaiting actualisation as physical plastic waste. In this work objects are randomly downloaded from these libraries and then dropped into a simulated virtual environment where they fracture apart upon contact with each other, decomposing into individual polygons.

The viewer is positioned in the midst of these fragments, in a simulated endless horizon, an atmosphere without a planet. The work makes use of video game architecture, rendering the physics and interactions of the objects in real-time. Visitors to the gallery have the opportunity to take control of a player character and navigate this environment, inspecting objects as they collide with them and perhaps trying to determine their origin or one-time potential use.