Nikolas Ventourakis, Athens & London, 2017

Residency dates: 7 February – 7 March 2017

Nikolas Ventourakis is a visual artist with a photography practice that fuses fine art and documentation, and relies on the misconceptions and assumptions in the interaction between viewer and artwork. In 2013 he completed an MA in Photography, at Central Saint Martins School of Arts (2013) and was the recipient of the Deutsche Bank Award in Photography. He was selected for Future Map (2013), Catlin Guide (2014) and Fresh Faced Wild Eyed (2014) in the Photographers Gallery as one of the top graduating artists in the UK. In 2015 he was a visiting artist at CalArts with a FULBRIGHT Artist Fellowship and was shortlisted for the BMW Niépce Award and the Bar-Tur Award. Recently he has exhibited in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the UK. He is one of the fellows selected by the New Museum, NY for IDEAS CITY and currently is exhibiting in Belfast,UK as part of the MAC International shortlist award.

About the Malta project:
“My starting point of research is the idea of ‘Safe Heaven’. What one would imagine as one’s personal or collective ‘Safe Heaven’ and how ports and islands would be dreamed of as such places. It’s going to be a question of accounting in storytelling inspired by researching historical and individual positions and the final outcome will be formed by a visual interpretation, using photography as the main medium and experimenting on exhibition and installation strategies to express the derived narrative.”

On being selected for the Blitz residency:
“I am very happy and honoured that I have been selected to take part in the programme. Collaboration and exchange of ideas and experiences are really important for the development of my praxis and it’s an exciting opportunity for me to be able to visit Malta for a long stay. Following my work in Cyprus, another island that also is an independent sovereign state, Malta would offer new viewpoints for me to expand my understanding of the Mediterranean area as whole and to progress my artistic research.”


Singles III. – The Pledge

Nikolas Ventourakis

Nikolas Ventourakis