Parting words, Nikolas Ventourakis

An intense month in Malta is over and I am on my way back to London. So much has happened in the four weeks that I spent in Valletta as the Blitz resident artist.
I met incredible people, learned a lot of a place I did not know much about and I am leaving behind only part of what I ended up experiencing here in the form of an exhibition titled “Rituals for our Safety”. I got much from this residency and I have a notebook full of ideas and sketches.
My next project, that I will start working on soon, will be expanded, and transformed and imbued with the narratives that I encountered in Malta. There is a lot of material to be tapped and I certainly look forward to be back in the future.
Thank you Alexandra, Nicole and Andrea for everything!
Nikolas Ventourakis, 'Rituals for our safety', installation view.

Nikolas Ventourakis, ‘Rituals for our safety’, installation view.