Textile memories

In an exchange between Blitz and Culture Zone Wrocław, Ukranian-born, Malta-based artist Letta Shtohryn writes to us from the AIR Wro Residency, where she is based for the month of April.
The project explores garments as vessels that simultaneously conceal and reveal the bodies which pass through them; framing and presenting the body at times of prosperity or poverty, sheltering the body during times of change. Fabric, its origins and social context, can reveal personal stories at moments in time. This project explores garments as a weave of personal and collective memory, following diachronic threads of displacement, instability, political oppression; of searching for a new home, through to times of recovery.
The aim is to build a psycho-sociological map of Wroclaw society from the 1940s till current times to manifest into a large-scale installation using donated garments, audio recordings of stories and visual material.
In the search for details on the history of textiles and everyday garments, I landed in 1940s Wroclaw following the trace of cotton, linen and wood, trauma, poverty and resourcefulness.
Letta Shtohryn, April 2018