Update from Athens

Aaron Bezzina is the recipient of the inaugural Blitz-Snehta Residency. This exciting new collaboration between the two artist-run organisations has facilitated a one-month residency in Athens for a Malta-based artist. Bezzina has been living and working in the Snehta Residency for the month of October and this week opened his exhibition ‘Reinventing the wheel

“The month of October has been very interesting so far and my main concern was to find or establish relationships between my practice and Athens, or mostly the area I am staying in, Kypseli. I have searched for things that I could take from here, both literally and figuratively. The architectural features are very interesting, especially the pavements with white marble ends. Objects I could easily get my hands on, however, were wooden window shutters as they are thrown out into the streets when apartments/houses are renovated. Gathering this material as a scavenger, I decided to reapply it as my first instrument of research.” Aaron Bezzina

Untitled (study for an empty shelf), 2017 Wood, varnish, metal

Untitled (study for an empty shelf), 2017
Wood, varnish, metal