Yardsticks: Subjective Tools of Measurement, opening 21st June 2018

‘Yardsticks: Subjective Tools of Measurement’ is an exhibition by Blitz artist-in-residence, Zahra Al-Mahdi.

Join us for opening night drinks and to meet the artist, or visit during gallery hours.

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 21 June, 7.30pm doors open
GALLERY OPEN: Friday 22 June, 1.00–6.00pm

‘Yardsticks: Subjective Tools of Measurement’

Measuring an object depends on the size of the measuring instrument. With different sized instruments come different measurements of the same object. When measuring a shoreline, the smaller the yardstick the longer the length of the shoreline. Therefore, mathematically speaking, shorelines are infinite. It is only through our personal perception of them that they seem finite.

We perceive objects and spaces around us from subjective standpoints: our memories, movement, senses, personal experiences and preferences. Perceiving space is a different experience from opposite ends of the gender spectrum. Those who find themselves in the middle of this spectrum – androgynous, transgender, and transsexual – occupy more than a single consistent solid body, and are able to perceive the world through a multiplicity of yardsticks.

These pieces aim to emulate the perception of the world from the standpoint of subjects who are in-between.

Zahra Al-Mahdi (Zouz Al-Mahdi) is an English Literature graduate from Kuwait University, College of Arts. She is a visual artist, writer, graphic novelist, and filmmaker with notable presence in the Kuwaiti creative community. Her debut graphic novel is titled We, The Borrowed. Zahra is currently working on a web miniseries titled Bird Watch, while also completing a Masters in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at Kuwait University.